As organizations focus their attention on digital marketing, there has been a resurgence in printing and personalized direct mail campaigns, especially to supplement digital and web ads and media. Businesses, non-profits, fundraising organizations and political campaigns are all turning to direct mail to get their messages to the right audiences. Simply put – print and mail can still an efficient way to directly target specific demographic groups or areas with your with the right message.

Organizations just like yours are sending postcards or brochures to advertise fundraisers, real estate open houses, business openings, church events or political campaigns. With direct mail, you can send a postcard or brochure to addresses based specifically targeted to your desired audience. And with the USPS EDDM® tool, you can even send direct mail specified neighborhoods at a discounted postage price. 

At Universal Mailworks, we do printing. But we who specialize in direct mail services. We keep your mailing data secure, we label, sort and hand-deliver your pieces to the USPS. If you need it drop shipped to a specific region, or mail tracking services, Universal Mailworks will make direct mail work for you!

You can feel secure that your high-quality printed goods aren’t going to waste, and that they are being sent to your target addresses when you want them delivered.